• January – September:  Ledges (See Calendar for competitions throughout the year)
  • February – March:  WEC Ohio (See Calendar for competitions throughout the year)
  • July 14-16:  MKE Urban @ Ozaukee County Fairgrounds 
  • August 18-20:  MKE Urban @ Ozaukee County Fairgrounds
  • October 3-8: Minnesota Fall Harvest
  • October | TBD:  WHJA Fall Finale (Oshkosh)
  • TBD:  Place to Start (PTS) Horse Show Series
  • Points qualify for any Zone 5 or 6 competition where show administration has completed appropriate registration.  Feel free to contact with any questions!


  • April 14-16:  Midwest Horse Fair (Find us in the Coliseum)
  • April 17th:  Membership Meeting